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With the aim of improving dialogue with our public, the EBCF Ombudsman's Office receives and records statements from residents of riverside communities located in the Amazon Rio Reserve with the commitment to respond to them appropriately.

If you have any suggestions, complaints, requests, reports or compliments for EBCF, send your message by clicking on the link below. EBCF will preserve your identity, if it is in your interest.


What to send:

  • Praise

  • Complaint

  • Suggestion

  • Request

  • Complaint

You can also send via:

From the email address:

Contact us by phone:

97 - 99181 - 2973

Shipping Options

The deadline for the Ombudsman's response will be up to 15 (fifteen) working days from receipt and confirmation of the statement, and may be extended at the discretion of the EBCF depending on the complexity of each case.


We have an exclusive tool for your contact at the Ombudsman.

Click the button below and access the form:


Join us and help us improve!

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