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The RPDS Amazon Rio is the largest Private Reserve ever created in the Amazon.

The process of creating the first Private Reserve for Sustainable Development in the Amazon began in 2011 and was completed on June 5, 2013, with approval by the State Center for Conservation Units of the Department of Environment and Sustainable Development of Amazonas (CEUC/ SDS), through Ordinance SDS No. 86/2013.

Located in the municipality of Manicoré, southern region of the State of Amazonas, on the banks of the Madeira River, and with 15 traditional communities in its surroundings, the RPDS Amazon Rio is 333 km away from Manaus, by air, and 427 km by waterway .


The RPDS AMAZON RIO integrates a mosaic of private Conservation Units with five other private areas of the EBCF, which are managed in an integrated and articulated manner, totaling approximately 20 thousand hectares of protected areas.


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